Monday, October 3, 2016

Sweet, Sweet Certification

I have made the leap from "Trained" to "Bridged" to "crazy"...I mean "Certified"! Totally worth it. I have been certified since Fall of 2015 and I am still learning. Things are much more "second nature" now and I feel way more confident in the lexicon and overall practice of PROMPT. The certification process was stressful and tedious, but I learned a lot in 4 months.

*Work with a mentor.
*Be organized; schedule, highlighters, post-it notes.
*Prepare for the unexpected; children get sick-things come up. Leave yourself extra time to get things done.
*Clear space on your computer and recording devices.
*Learn how to work "google drive" prior to the process.
*Have multiple cameras taping for the inevitable "out of space" or "random" stop.
*Use your resources.
*Be confident. You're going to make mistakes, but this is always a learning process-not meant to be perfect.
*Don't be afraid to make these mistakes.
*ABR. Always Be Recording. ALWAYS!
(The client won't want to stick their face into the camera every second and you are bound to tape something magical. Like when mine accidentally poked me in the eye, and then 3 months later, in a different video, poked me in the eye...with his toe. $10,000? America's Funniest Video? Of course I'm going to split it with the kid! <----it's in writing now.)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Listening Language

Dingle Dangle: Listening and Language! I love this app it is so adorable and silly. There are two different activities: players can listen to instructions (in noise!) or build their own scarecrow.

This app was created by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) by listening and spoken language specialists.

I love to pair this app with the story "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything". I use this with a lot of my students.

We color and cut out the pieces and make puppets. They have to listen to the sounds of the pieces and make their puppet do the actions

Shoes say "clomp clomp"
Pants say "wiggle wiggle"
Shirt says "shake shake shake"
Hat says "nod"
Gloves say "clap"
Pumpkin says "boo!"


Phonatory Control: "ah" for on, "mm" for more
Labial-facial control: boo, shake, oh no!
Lingual control/sequenced: clomp, wiggle, clap, nod

LANGUAGE: sequencing, following directions, recall story, describing

      And the mouse went ::click click::

Peek-a-Boo I'm back

Using visuals I can use this for a great listening activity.; for auditory-visual therapy. The animal hiding behind the door makes a sound and the door shakes so it's a good visual for the hearing impaired! Animals include the usual farm friends: horse, cow, sheep, chicken... and some funny new friends: owl, rabbit, llama! From a closed set I show the pictures of the animals and have the child guess which animal they hear in the barn.

I love the Melissa & Doug matching game and pair a simple barn toy to finish our FARM-tastic session.

LANGUAGE: follow directions, prepositions, matching


Mandibular control: baa
Labial-Facial: boo, moo, peep, woof, meow, baa, me, push
Lingual: one, two

Old McDonald has nothing on me!


Choose from a variety of animals: cow, horse, pig, fish, alien, squirrel, moose! Push the ball in and aim it at the target *Children need constant supervision...don't let them pop it in their face.

We laugh, we cry, we do a little math! Very fun and entertaining.

phonatory control: ah, ha, ha-ha, mmm (for more)
mandibular control: up, on, pop
labial-facial control: up, pop, on, moo (is the name of our cow), oh-no, push
lingual control: on, top, in

-Follow directions to aim at different targets
-Follow directions to pick a special colored ball/animal

-Turn taking
-Don't point it at people/yourself!

Don't be a party pooper in with some "Poppers"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Toca BOOca

Toca Boo is a new and a great game for the Halloween season.

The little girl Bonnie dresses as a ghost to scare her family members! Travel through the big, dark house to find: mom, grandpa, little sister, big brother and the twins.

Hide behind items for a big scare! But don't get caught in the light. Find some snacks for even sillier scares!

Phonatory control/Mandibular control: ah, ha, ma.mama, pa/papa, pop
Labial-facial control: boo, eat, ew, mom, toot, baby, me
Lingual control: eat, toot

Scare on, Bonnie.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrate November with a Salute

This time of the year many teachers are teaching vocabulary for the big holiday in November. I'd like to take this time to remind you of a very important group that gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of turkey season...the veterans. I've laid out my November plan in hopes to spread the love to our brave soldiers and of course express my gratitude!

I introduced the topic of Veterans Day with vocabulary: honor, respect, thankful, salute, celebrate, faithful, loyal, serve.

I work in a school for the Deaf and hard of hearing and targeted auditory skills by counting syllables for words from

Words included 1-4 syllables: world, war, peace, wreath, sailor, parade, solider, salute, medal poppy, November, 11th, veterans, memorial, ceremony, military.

I explained what Veteran's Day was and we made flags out of hand prints. Some of the terminology used on the poster is from a pin I found on pinterest (

November 11th: a day to honor those who have served and are currently serving in the military

What is a Veteran?
-A person who has fought for our country
Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard

What do they do?
-Protect our country!
-Fight for our freedom!

I used "The Wall" by Eve Bunting and created my own reading comprehension questions based on the student's goals (i.e. main idea, recalling details, sequencing).

My older kids (5th-7th grade) get a kick out of my "Speechgram". We created usernames in the beginning of the year and I post a new picture every week. The kids can ask questions and write (grammatically correct) comments! It's fun to see what the kids come up with, and they are all super motivated to write! This is my friend Bridgett, she is a marine.

#who #what #when #where #why #how

(We are still working on the grammatically correct...and spelling)

Now for my favorite. Writing to Bridgett and her soldier friends. Operation Gratitude is always looking for letters to soldiers! Collaborate with your OT friends for a super fun writing a letter lesson! It was a fun process for the students and they were excited and motivated. I broke down the process into parts and really drilled ASKING and ANSWERING questions. I created statements (i.e. "My favorite movie is Frozen.") and had the students create their own questions; What's your favorite movie? Who is your favorite character? Again, since I'm in a school where Auditory Verbal is a big component of speech; I asked questions presented orally only and incorporated it into this part of the lesson.

It was an easy way to transition into Thanksgiving; as we were all feeling very thankful for the brave men and women in the military.

THANKS for reading.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's in a Name?

People who like Star Trek are called "trekkies" , if they shop till they drop they're considered "shop-aholics", individuals who swoon over Edward, Bella and Jacob are "Twihards" and Hunger Game fans have requested "Tributes" while Harry Potter fans are "AWESOME".

So what about people who love PROMPT? I've brainstormed a few potentials:
2) PROMPTenadors
3) Your hands are cold! (I hear this's got potential in the running)
4) PROMPTing People
5) PROMPTing peeps
6) Face Ticklers (this is how I explain it to my preschoolers, "I'm gonna tickle your face, it might feel funny")
7) PROMPTettes

What do you think? Let me know!

For those who have taken the plunge into learning this intense and wonderful technique, please take a look at some lexicons I've shared:

Visit the PROMPTinstitute's site to find a course near you! 
What are you waiting for, you could be a "insert nickname here".

***These thoughts and ideas are my own.  I am not receiving compensation from the PROMPT institute, nor have any PROMPT officials agreed on a nickname.  I have completed the Introductory course/training as well as the self-study project and the Bridging Course.  You must be PROMPT trained to provided PROMPT intervention. If anyone at the PROMPT institute reads this and WANTS to pay me...I won't say no. I accept cash, coffee or donuts.***