Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hungry for Summer!

Here's a few activities that keep my clients compliant and engaged throughout the entire session! Read the book, make some art and of course play on the iPad!

I've been on a "Hungry Caterpillar" kick!  First I read the story to my clients and tell them they will read the story.  All my Pre-Schoolers tell me, "But I can't read!" I assure them they can!  Then using felt pieces I made (A.C. Moore sells iron on paper! I just scan and iron onto white felt) my clients "read" the story.  It's great to see how proud they are when they finish and I get to tell them they read the story!

*Leave a comment with your e-mail address and I can send you a copy of the pieces so you don't have to scan!*

A fun companion activity we do after is we make our own symmetrical butterflies.  Using scented dot markers (Wal-mart!) we make dots and designs and fold our paper in half to make symmetrical designs.  The kids think it's neat, I love the dot markers cause they don't make a mess and we get to explore some sensory integration with smell!
*Remember those great markers your elementary art teacher let you use! Check out all their products*

I was able to grab this app during a free app sensational sale (Check it out)! I have my kids follow directions and practice counting!

need, dot, more, me, same, mmmm, one, two
Mandibular control: dot, need
Labial-Facial control: more, me, same, mmmm
Lingual control: one, two

sequence; first/next/then/last, labeling (food items), counting, answering/asking "WH?", predicting ("What do you think yellow will smell like?"), follow directions

Smell ya later!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make your own bubbles

Sunny days are ahead. My clients and I have been enjoying the weather during our sessions.  One of my new favorite activities is making bubbles.  That's right 4 easy steps to mixing up your very own bubble solution. I have included the recipe below, however I just estimate and add soap/glycerin until the solution is making bubbles that last.

1 gallon of water
2/3 cup of Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid (Joy works better)
3 to 4 table spoons of glycerin (available at drugstores)
(recipe courtesy of Newsday 7/27/11)

PROMPT: labial-facial, mandibular, lingual control
pop, more, oh-no, gone, wand

LANGUAGE: sequence (cut out pictures above to make cards), WH? questions, requests, action words (stir/mix, pop, run, reach)

PRAGMATICS: turn-taking

Have a towel handy, things can get messy! 
(But not dirty, cause it's soap!)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Self-Study PROMPT Project: Flinging Frogs

Are you trolling the internet trying to find examples of PROMPT technique therapy? Trying to figure out how to plan and implement all the great new things you've learned through a PROMPT technique workshop?! Look no further. I want to share my PROMPT self-study activity and plan with the world.

This is my FAVORITE activity.  I work on these goals with a variety of clients, and everyone loves this game! (Bought it at Target for less than $5).

Check it out, see what you think! Let me know! If you like this one, try my Tea Party activity too!

III. Mandibular control
(with anterior lingual and labial-facial control mapping)
Parameter, surface, some mapping

Put, on, me hop, top, pad, he, in
“Put in”, “Put on”, “Oh-no”, “He hop”, “On Pad”, “On top”, “He hop on”, “One, two, hop”
“Big Little Game” Flinging Frogs
·      Set up pool and lily pads.  Prompt child to say “put on”. 
·      Repeat until lily pad tower is complete.
·      Divide Frogs.  Prompt child to say “me”.  Take turns choosing frogs.
·      Make frogs hop. Prompt child to say phrases depending on where frogs land.  Alternating turns.
·      Clean up materials.  Prompt child to say “put in”.
Turn Taking:
Clinician and child will take turns for the entire activity.  Clinician will model words/phrases during her turn. *Please note video edited to allow for maximum PROMPT technique viewing
Use similar game “Flying Frogs” or “Pop-up Pirate”; target words change from “hop” to “pop”.