Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It looked like just another mundane post...but it wasn't another mundane post!

This is a great and simple activity for identifying simple objects (some doozies in it "Great Horned Owl", "Angel"). After you read the book you can make your own spilt milk clouds!

Squeeze paint in the middle of the page (*I added sparkles for something special*), fold the page in half, press down and open.

I looked like a sheep....but it wasn't a sheep!

*Use a carrier phrase "It looked like a ______, but was it?!" the child can respond "No"

Sequence, answer simple "WH" questions

Don't Let this post get by....

Mo Willems has done it, time and time again! Author and illustrator of the "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" (caldecott honor) and many others.

I love this interactive book.  My kids love to yell "NO!" when the pigeon asks to drive the bus.  My strong willed preschoolers occasionally are swayed when the pigeon offers them $5 bucks...but are easily redirected when reminded, "The bus driver said, don't let the pigeon drive the bus!" They then enthusiastically yell, "NO!"

**Hello labial-facial control!**

Best yet, there's an app for that! "Don't let the pigeon run this app".  This allows the user to create their very own pigeon story! The "chick" makes up a different story every use, "little pigeon" allows the user to choose different items from a field of three and "big pigeon" allows the user to answer questions using their own words/voice!  The author Mo Willems even teaches you to draw the pigeon in a step-by-step!

Labial-Facial control: no, mo

Answer "Wh" questions, simple sequence

Don't let this book and app pass you by!