Monday, November 23, 2015

Listening Language

Dingle Dangle: Listening and Language! I love this app it is so adorable and silly. There are two different activities: players can listen to instructions (in noise!) or build their own scarecrow.

This app was created by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) by listening and spoken language specialists.

I love to pair this app with the story "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything". I use this with a lot of my students.

We color and cut out the pieces and make puppets. They have to listen to the sounds of the pieces and make their puppet do the actions

Shoes say "clomp clomp"
Pants say "wiggle wiggle"
Shirt says "shake shake shake"
Hat says "nod"
Gloves say "clap"
Pumpkin says "boo!"


Phonatory Control: "ah" for on, "mm" for more
Labial-facial control: boo, shake, oh no!
Lingual control/sequenced: clomp, wiggle, clap, nod

LANGUAGE: sequencing, following directions, recall story, describing

      And the mouse went ::click click::

Peek-a-Boo I'm back

Using visuals I can use this for a great listening activity.; for auditory-visual therapy. The animal hiding behind the door makes a sound and the door shakes so it's a good visual for the hearing impaired! Animals include the usual farm friends: horse, cow, sheep, chicken... and some funny new friends: owl, rabbit, llama! From a closed set I show the pictures of the animals and have the child guess which animal they hear in the barn.

I love the Melissa & Doug matching game and pair a simple barn toy to finish our FARM-tastic session.

LANGUAGE: follow directions, prepositions, matching


Mandibular control: baa
Labial-Facial: boo, moo, peep, woof, meow, baa, me, push
Lingual: one, two

Old McDonald has nothing on me!


Choose from a variety of animals: cow, horse, pig, fish, alien, squirrel, moose! Push the ball in and aim it at the target *Children need constant supervision...don't let them pop it in their face.

We laugh, we cry, we do a little math! Very fun and entertaining.

phonatory control: ah, ha, ha-ha, mmm (for more)
mandibular control: up, on, pop
labial-facial control: up, pop, on, moo (is the name of our cow), oh-no, push
lingual control: on, top, in

-Follow directions to aim at different targets
-Follow directions to pick a special colored ball/animal

-Turn taking
-Don't point it at people/yourself!

Don't be a party pooper in with some "Poppers"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Toca BOOca

Toca Boo is a new and a great game for the Halloween season.

The little girl Bonnie dresses as a ghost to scare her family members! Travel through the big, dark house to find: mom, grandpa, little sister, big brother and the twins.

Hide behind items for a big scare! But don't get caught in the light. Find some snacks for even sillier scares!

Phonatory control/Mandibular control: ah, ha, ma.mama, pa/papa, pop
Labial-facial control: boo, eat, ew, mom, toot, baby, me
Lingual control: eat, toot

Scare on, Bonnie.