Monday, November 23, 2015


Choose from a variety of animals: cow, horse, pig, fish, alien, squirrel, moose! Push the ball in and aim it at the target *Children need constant supervision...don't let them pop it in their face.

We laugh, we cry, we do a little math! Very fun and entertaining.

phonatory control: ah, ha, ha-ha, mmm (for more)
mandibular control: up, on, pop
labial-facial control: up, pop, on, moo (is the name of our cow), oh-no, push
lingual control: on, top, in

-Follow directions to aim at different targets
-Follow directions to pick a special colored ball/animal

-Turn taking
-Don't point it at people/yourself!

Don't be a party pooper in with some "Poppers"

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