Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's in a Name?

People who like Star Trek are called "trekkies" , if they shop till they drop they're considered "shop-aholics", individuals who swoon over Edward, Bella and Jacob are "Twihards" and Hunger Game fans have requested "Tributes" while Harry Potter fans are "AWESOME".

So what about people who love PROMPT? I've brainstormed a few potentials:
2) PROMPTenadors
3) Your hands are cold! (I hear this's got potential in the running)
4) PROMPTing People
5) PROMPTing peeps
6) Face Ticklers (this is how I explain it to my preschoolers, "I'm gonna tickle your face, it might feel funny")
7) PROMPTettes

What do you think? Let me know!

For those who have taken the plunge into learning this intense and wonderful technique, please take a look at some lexicons I've shared:

Visit the PROMPTinstitute's site to find a course near you! 
What are you waiting for, you could be a "insert nickname here".

***These thoughts and ideas are my own.  I am not receiving compensation from the PROMPT institute, nor have any PROMPT officials agreed on a nickname.  I have completed the Introductory course/training as well as the self-study project and the Bridging Course.  You must be PROMPT trained to provided PROMPT intervention. If anyone at the PROMPT institute reads this and WANTS to pay me...I won't say no. I accept cash, coffee or donuts.***

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